All area women are invited to the Fall Ladies’ Conference, “Beautiful Posture,” on Saturday, Sept. 21, from 9 a.m. to noon at the Emporium Alliance Church on Sizerville Road. The annual event will include worship, speakers and music. Refreshments and luncheon will be provided.

Spokesperson Deb Eckenroth said, “The half-day structure of these conferences is designed to allow for busy women and/or women who drive a long distance. It’s not surprising that attendance has steadily increased over the years because the presence of God is unmistakable throughout the morning. Jesus is incomparably magnetic and compelling, liberating and purifying, strengthening and transformational. Ladies conclude the morning saying it was so worth every effort they made to get there.”

One of the primary speakers for this fall’s conference will be Jessica Pappas of Amherst, N.Y., who is described by Eckenroth in this manner: “Jess is an articulate, dynamic speaker who holds hearts and minds in a riveting way when she talks of Jesus and shares from the word of God.

“We’re also fortunate to have Heather Glogau (Kane) leading worship. Heather is the perfect person for the role because she is, first and foremost, herself, a true worshiper.”

Special music will be provided by Amy Reed of Ulysses, whose gift of songwriting is well known to previous conference attendees. “Amy has composed a song specifically for this fall’s event and women will be astounded that she is still only locally known for her songwriting.”

Other speakers will also be participating.

There is no conference or luncheon cost, but any donation will go directly to meet basic needs for food, clean water and medical care for those living in poverty in Haiti.

Ladies’ conference donations have also paid for children’s school attendance and for small, start-up businesses in Haiti.

“Part of the beauty of these mornings,” said Eckenroth, “is the diversity of faith backgrounds, worship traditions, age, and experiences of the women who attend – and the fact that God speaks to each of us at the place where we are. The morning isn’t only for women of faith, but definitely for those who might be questioning and searching. All are warmly invited.”

For more information, contact Eckenroth at 814-486-3375. No reservations are required.