Port Council

Scott Moses, center, engages in a borough council meeting.

PORT ALLEGANY — Scott Moses was hired as the borough manager, as approved during the March 2 council meeting.

The Port Allegany Fire Chief, Alex Johnson, said that with a lack of funding and proper volunteers arriving at scenes, the fire department is in the middle of a “crisis,” and lacks the proper utilities and personnel available to combat disasters effectively.

He cited a few events where the fire department had no choice but to ignore some alerts and let some sites burn down due to this blatant mismanagement of funds and resources. The borough seemed shaken by these findings but whether or not they will reallocate money to the fire department remains to be seen.

Mary Grace Collier-Kisler, director of the S.W. Smith Memorial Library, was also present and delivered her yearly report about the state of the library. She said that usage and visitation was up last year and the library is in a solid state. She mentioned that many of the library’s visitors come from out of town and they have also been seeing growth in the amount of teenagers in attendance, a goal that they had set for themselves last year.

With the most eventful portion of the meeting complete, the topics turned to resolutions on the borough’s desk to begin disposing of older documents in the archives that are no longer relevant and the continued discussion of bridge repair on Arnold Avenue, which one Uni-Tec engineer described as “barely passing.” He suggested the need to repair the bridge is urgent enough to be of concern, but not severe enough to need immediate action.