Joseph Grab

Joseph Grab goes up for a layup between two defenders this past season.



Joseph Grab

The leader of the youngest starting five in the NTL, junior Joseph Grab helped push a lineup of one freshman, three sophomores and one junior all the way to the District playoffs where the Hornets almost were able to leave Bloomsburg with a huge upset of the Central Columbia.

“Joe handled the bulk of our load offensively this season,” Coach Steve Adams said. “By doing so that took pressure off of the other guys who came into the season with little to no varsity playing experience.”

Grab can flat-out score the basketball and averaged an NTL-leading 552 points this season and was second best in points per game with 24.

Grab topped the 20-point mark 16 times and was a master of getting to the free throw line where he made more free throws than anyone else attempted in NTL basketball this season. He was also extremely efficient from the charity stripe this year and connected on 77.6% of those shots.

“Joe has the ability to score on anyone and take over a game just by the pressure he can put on other teams defenses. Having a player who can get a bucket when you need it is a great luxury for a coach,” Adams said.

An underrated portion of his Grab’s game is his basketball IQ. When a player can score at will, sometimes they can become a ball-stopper on offense, but Grab always tried to make the right basketball play.

Grab finished the season as maybe the best guard finishing at the rim in the entire NTL and when his shot didn’t drop, he would get to the free throw line and capitalize.

“I don’t think I’ve seen a guard at the high school level finish at the hoop as well and consistent as Joe does. When teams back off him, he then knocks down an outside shot so he is very hard to guard,” Adams said.

Next season the Wellsboro Hornets will have a chance to grow on their early success with their current unit and Grab should be the centerpiece of an offense that could be one of the best in the area next season.

“I have really enjoyed coaching Joe this past season and am very proud of how he handled himself throughout the year. Joe is a very good basketball player who isn’t satisfied yet,” Adams said.

“He has a passion for basketball and wants to be the best player he can be. He knows his strengths and he knows his work areas and he’s doing all the little extra things to become even better. That makes for an exciting player to watch.”

Player Stats:

PPG: 24

APG: 2.95

RPG: 3.2

SPG: 2.04

FT %: 77.6