Abigail Colton signs letter of intent for Asbury University

Senior standout tennis player Abigail Colton signed a letter of intent to play tennis for the Asbury University team on Thursday, June 18.

WELLSBORO — Abigail Colton, Wellsboro Lady Hornets tennis standout, is the second Wellsboro tennis player who has decided to continue her playing career and will take her talents to the Asbury University tennis team this upcoming season.

Colton put together a fine season for the Wellsboro tennis team where she helped push them to a share of the NTL title while going 5-8 in singles play and 4-1 doubles throughout her senior season. Colton was one of the captains for the Wellsboro team and will be a great pickup for the Asbury University tennis team.

“I like the competition,” Colton reflected on her time in Wellsboro athletics. “But I also liked having teammates that were encouraging me and made feel like part of the team.”

Colton was a leader for a strong group in Wellsboro and head coach Andy Borzok had nothing but praise for the student athlete who gets the chance to compete on the next level. “I think she was really solid in singles,” Borzok said. “She obviously has a lot of experience and she was one of the team captains and leadership was really important, especially as a new person coming in.”

Though only a first-year coach for the Wellsboro tennis team, Borzok garnered a lot of respect from his players, and built strong relationships throughout the year. Even with only one season working with Colton, Borzok had some memories of the time he spent with his senior player on the court.

“Abigail was really good at taking matches to three sets,” Borzok said. “She has had some of the longest matches in the season, which shows she does not like to quit and has a really positive work-ethic.”

Colton’s decision to play for Asbury University came as no surprise, as she becomes a third-generation attendant to the school and has been visiting the college throughout the years, creating a much different connection to a school than those who just go to a college walkthrough visit day.

“I grew up going there for my moms reunions,” Colton commented on her decision to play for Asbury. “I sort of grew up going there so I really liked the campus. I kind of loved it more than just going on a college visit when I was older.”

Another driving force for Colton to become a third-generation attendant of the school was the programs that they offer for Equestrian Sciences. “They have a really good equine program there that’s pretty well known,” Colton said.

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