C&N team members participated in the American Bankers Association Education Foundation’s annual “Teach Children to Save” initiative.

C&N gave a combined total of 21 financial presentations and bank tours throughout April, reaching over 600 children.

Since 2008, C&N has worked with local children through this program to enhance their financial education. “Teach Children to Save” uses games and real-life situations to help children understand basic money management tools, such as saving, prioritizing, budgeting and more.

It’s never too early to start learning life-long savings habits. Here are some tips to help raise money-smart kids:

Talk to your child about your family budget and discuss wants versus needs, the value of saving, budgeting and the consequences of not doing so.

Open a “Ju$t 4 Kid$ Sammy Saver” savings account with your child and bring them with you to make deposits. This will give them hands on money management experience. Plus, your child will get a card for their birthday from Sammy and friends.

Teens can open a Teen $teps Checking account that will help teach them to set financial goals if they want to purchase big-ticket items such as video equipment or designer clothes.

Financial literacy is the cornerstone of strong and prosperous communities. C&N takes pride in being a leader in educating community members about managing their personal finances and appreciates the opportunity local schools and organizations provide to share this education with their students.

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