During the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, Penn State Extension has offered discounts on its online programs to support customers. For the month of January, Extension will continue that support by offering a 50% discount on online course enrollment.

The discount is designed to support people as they invest in their personal growth this year. Some exclusions apply, but participants can choose from nearly 70 online courses. Extension offers an ever-growing online course library on topics that address today’s challenges. Topics include food safety, nutrition, food preparation, best agricultural practices, horticulture, environmental stewardship, community involvement, business planning, healthy families and more.

Penn State Extension online courses can help individuals, families and businesses. These courses can be accessed anywhere at any time and feature short videos, printable readings and knowledge-check questions. Some courses offer certificates, while others provide continuing education credits.

To view offerings available under the special offer, visit https://extension.psu.edu/shopby/online-courses?utm_source=MELTWAT ER&utm_medium =REFERRAL&utm_campaign=EXTN__AW__INVEST-IN-YOURSELF-50. The deadline to register is Jan. 31.

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