Cookbook sale supports food pantry

A cookbook containing recipes from the now-closed Grammas’ Kitchen in Mansfield will be sold to support the Mansfield Area Food Pantry.

Eleanor Trask and her sister Margaret Morgan fed thousands of people through Gramma’s Kitchen, their small restaurant in Mansfield. Opened in 1988, Grammas’ was the place for locals and visitors to eat and visit over delicious home cooked meals and desserts. In March 2020, COVID-19 led to the decision to close Grammas’ Kitchen.

However, through the Mansfield Area Food Pantry, Grammas’ is still feeding Morgan and Trask’s beloved community. Trask and her family were aware of the tremendous need of people of all ages in the community for assistance with food and donated a large commercial refrigerator to the food pantry.

In addition, Trask’s family and the employees of Grammas’ wanted to memorialize their restaurant with a cookbook of customer’s favorite recipes and they chose to donate all proceeds to the Mansfield Area Food Pantry. To date, more than $13,000 has been donated to the food pantry from the sale of the books.

Restaurant manager, Jane Young and her sister, Linda Whiting who also worked at Grammas’, spent months reworking restaurant size recipes down to the size for a family. Ryan Young, Young’s son, designed the recipe book. Included are favorites such as Nutty Apple Muffins, Sticky Buns, Crab Quiche, Baking Powder Biscuits, Corn Chowder, Grammas’ famous Chocolate Chip Cookies and many more.

“Grammas’ Kitchen, A Legacy in Recipes” is available locally at Heritage Springs Marketplace, 50 W. Wellsboro St., Mansfield. For those who remember, the business is located in the former UGI building across from the high school. Owner Michelle Stettler said that she purchases the cookbooks through and pays for the shipping herself. Stettler sees this as a unique way to personally donate to her community and the Mansfield Area Food Pantry.

If you would like to purchase “Grammas’ Kitchen, A Legacy in Recipes” and are not able to stop by Heritage Springs Marketplace, you can order a recipe book at and type in Grammas’ Kitchen. There is a shipping fee for online orders.

The Mansfield Area Food Pantry serves an average of 300 households per month who live in the following areas: Arnot, Bloss Twp., Blossburg, Covington, Covington Twp., Hamilton Twp., Jackson Twp., Liberty, Liberty Twp., Mansfield, Mainesburg, Millerton, Morris Run, Ogdensburg, Richmond Twp., Roseville, Rutland Twp., Sullivan Twp., Tioga, Tioga Twp., Union Twp., and Ward Twp.

Recipients receive staples such as milk, eggs, butter as well as boxes of dry goods, frozen meats and fruit, seasonal fresh produce and much more. The Mansfield Area Food Pantry is run completely by volunteers who work many hours to make sure all community members have access to food.

Monetary donations to the Mansfield Area Food Pantry are appreciated and make it possible to provide a greater variety and volume of food items. To help, send checks made out to Mansfield Food Pantry to P.O. Box 5, Mansfield, PA 16933. Volunteers are also needed. To become a food pantry volunteer, contact Chris Gilbert at 570-662-2200.

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