The Lambs Creek Sportsman’s Club’s annual Running Deer Shoot will be held each Sunday from Oct. 25 through Nov. 22, 10 a.m. to 1 p.m.

Each shooter takes two consecutive shots from the standing position at a 100 yard moving deer target.

Youth under 15 may fire single shots in two separate runs. The deer is scored from 0 to 6 and shot scores are tallied after each round.

The winner of each scheduled round wins a turkey; if extra rounds are shot, the pot is split with the winner and the club.

Heart shots win a dollar refund and significant “bragging rights.” The cost is $3 per round and shooters my use any Pennsylvania-legal deer hunting firearm, scoped or open sights.

Because there’s no such thing as too much fun, at the end of the day the club has added a sudden death shoot off at the 250 yard gong. Each participant takes a shot at the 250 yard gong and it continues until the last successful shooter wins the round.

This shoot is open to the public and to shooters of all ages and capabilities.

Get ready for the 2020 season and have fun at this Lamb’s Creek tradition.

For more information visit the website at: or Facebook @Lambs Creek Sportsman’s Club.