The premier issue of Northern Appalachia Review is now available for purchase.

The Northern Appalachia Review is making a place for the under-recognized literature of its region — the Appalachia counties of Ohio, Pennsylvania, Maryland, New York, and the northern portion of West Virginia — a part of America where authors have yet to be distinguished with a literary identity, brimming as it is with stories of conflict among humans and their defining landscapes.

Featuring upcoming and established authors from, living in, or writing about northern Appalachia, this collection of literature conveys the character of the people and places of the region, while representing it as both distinct from and part of greater Appalachia.

The 57 writers contributed short stories, poetry, non-fiction, literature of the outdoors and environment and book reviews.

Tioga County writers Zack Buck and Richard Hanlon penned literature of the outdoors and environment while Rachel Roupp, Judith Sornberger and Lilace Guignard contributed poetry.

Published Aug. 19, the 263-page review is available for $9.99 on Kindle or $19.95 paperback. Single copies may be purchased at d&_ss=r&variant=32916547w108957 while wholesalers may order by emailing

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