While we all had hoped the 2021 New Year would be ringing in on a positive note of better things to come, the whole world was shocked by what unfolded this past week at the U.S. Capitol.

The aftermath of events has shown us that moving forward, the road will be difficult, however, we can travel this road together but not through violence. Let us be good humans by showing kindness and know faith does not make things easy; it makes things possible. Pray for our nation and a peaceful transition of power.

Happy birthday wishes go to Jim Tice celebrating on Jan. 20, Pat Brewer on Jan. 21 and Dorothy Fethers on Jan. 23.

The yearly recycled greeting card collection project has begun in this area. Only fronts of cards are collected and sent to St Jude’s Ranch for Children where they are re-purposed and sold as a major fundraiser. Cards are being collected by Donna Baker until Feb. 12. Please call 570-549-7161 if you have questions.

Sympathy is expressed to the family and friends of Tom Hill and Richard “Dick” Wilber. Continued prayer are requested for Doug and Nancy Pratt. Each day is challenging as Nancy cares for Doug and his many health issues. Prayers also are requested for Berwin Wilcox and Zach Kriner.

Stay connected and reach out to each other; this world will be a better place.

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