We had quite the day yesterday (Nov. 11) honoring our veterans. It began with a breakfast in which we had over 50 veterans attend.

We then transitioned into a school-wide assembly that focused on honoring veterans for their service and educated students on how and why we should honor our veterans. We also devoted a bit of the assembly to recognizing those that fought in the War on Terror and educated the student body on issues our veterans are facing at home.

Two big announcements were made during the assembly. One was that the History Club will be sponsoring the Hometown Heroes program in Tioga, Millerton and Lawrenceville, which will open up in December.

The other big announcement was that we were able to raise $5500 from our Jogathon to be able to donate to Mission 22.

We finished the assembly off with a special tribute from families. To see all of this and more, the recording has been saved and posted to our Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/Williamsonhistoryclub.

Thank you to everyone that helped in making this day special for our veterans and thank you to all the veterans that attended.

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