The Schuyville Runners Club hosted their annual races at Colton Point on Saturday, July 25 that included a marathon, half-marathon and 5K.

Conquer the Canyon saw 271 runners in attendance, with the biggest turnout coming from the half-marathon with 175 competitors.

“The event featured a half marathon around the rim of the Canyon,” Max Kasten one of the race organizers wrote. “Runners started the race with a two mile plus up hill climb up to Colton Point State Park.”

In addition to the race at the canyon, 70 racers also participated in the 5K that went through the streets of Wellsboro.

Despite the COVID-19 pandemic, the Conquer the Canyon race saw runners from not only all over Pennsylvania, but also runners from all over the country.

The results for the top five finishers in each category are listed below:



1. Brody Gleason; 3:09:33

2. Nicholas Sturn; 3:13:51

3. Greg Cauller; 3:27:28

4. Steve Schall; 3:37:36

5.Robert Toonkel; 3:44:06


1. Darion Gregory; 1:18:58

2. Matthew Bomberger; 1:21:15

3. Phil Kwasney; 1:29:26

4. Samuel Payson; 1:36:49

5. Karen Gibble; 1:37:08


1. Brayden Harris; 17:21

2. Michael Browne; 18:01

3. Ryan Sullivan; 18:06

4. Laren DeMichele; 19:49

5. Kylee Cubbison; 19:55

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