The Elkland Little League was unable to hold its normal “Little League Day” this past weekend on Saturday, July 25, but thanks to the help from local restaurants and the CV Rod and Gun Club, they were able to hold a barbecue as well as games for the community to enjoy.

“Usually we do a ‘Little League Day’ celebration where our teams play all day, we do some raffles and fundraising, and we honor our sponsors and graduating 12-year-olds,” event organizer Jessie Schoonover wrote. “We can’t do that this year, so we did some games and a barbecue on Saturday.”

During the day at the Elkland baseball fields, teams got the chance to not only compete in games on the field but also enjoy a barbecue that was put together by the Rusted Nut located out of Osceola, as well as the CV Rod and Gun Club whose members donated their time to cook all of the food for the event.

“We wouldn’t have been able to do the barbeque without the Rusted Nut,” Schoonover wrote. “They prepared the food and loaned us their facility, and the CV Rod and Gun Club who cooked the chicken and hosted us.”

With the day providing fun, entertainment and food for all, this upcoming Thursday, July 30, Elkland will have another event, where they will be dedicating their home dugout benches to Matt Wood.

“Also at Thursday’s ceremony, we’re dedicating our home dugout benches to Matt Wood,” Schoonover wrote. “The Matt Wood Memorial Trust made a donation to the league, which allowed us to purchase new benches at the end of last year.”

Also during the event, the Elkland Little League will have an exhibition game between their majors team, as well as a trophy ceremony to honor the 12-year-olds who played this summer.