Green Monster Trail Challenge

A runner makes his way down the rocky section of the trail during the Green Monster 50K.

WELLSBORO — The Green Monster Trail Challenge was able to overcome the challenges of hosting one of the largest area running events in 2020 and saw 177 runners come out to take on the 50K, 25K and 15K on Sunday, Oct. 11.

“It was super difficult this year, when we were talking about it and were in the planning phase, I was kind of baulking on having the race due to the pandemic,” Race Director James Black said.

“A lot of people were saying ‘we need to do this’, so we kind of just pushed forward with it.”

Though it wasn’t easy, the race organizers were able to put on another year of one of the most popular area races without a hitch, and after submitting COVID-action plans that needed to be approved on multiple levels, were able to cap the runner total to 200 and hold the event as planned.

“We took every precaution we could,” Black said. “We even handed out buffs instead of shirts, Tyoga Emergency Service donated masks and hand sanitizers. A lot of races have been cancelled, and it would have been easier to just say it’s cancelled and here’s a virtual race, but it’s important to us and a lot of the runners.”

Even with uncertainty regarding the race in the months leading up, the Green Monster Trail Challenge still saw some new faces in the field and according to Black they roughly saw a field of 30% new runners.

One of the major pulls for runners to challenge themselves in this long-distance, endurance race is the uniqueness it offers runners, as well as the scenery of the race.

“It’s really brutal,” Black said. “There’s trails like the Frankensten forehead. It has some unique characteristics. We just do a good job from top to to bottom in making sure the race is top-quality for the budget we have. We offer nice race swag bags that usually has socks and other things, we hand out raffles. We usually hand out a ton of great, but this year a lot of sponsors flaked so we didn’t have all of that.”

Though the race in 2020 was different than most years, the race was a major success, with almost reaching their max-capacity in runners as well as a lot of new faces participating, the organizers were able to overcome a great deal to put together a memorable experience for those participating.

One runner that Black recalled, had an extremely memorable experience and was one of his favorite moments of the day.

“One kid I talked to, this was his first big trail race,” Black said. “This time last year he was 150 lbs heavier than he is now. He lost 150 pounds or so, and was smiling ear-to-ear kind of like a new lease on life. It’s good to interject some positivity in today.”

The top ten from each race are listed below:

25K Green Monster

1 DAVE ENDRESS 428 46 M 1:Overall 2:26:13.31 9:26/M

2 ADAM RUSSELL 913 41 M 2:Overall 2:26:16.57 9:26/M

3 BOB BAUER 411 48 M 3:Overall 2:45:08.33 10:39/M

4 NORMAN STRAUSS IV 947 14 M 1: 0-19 2:46:19.94 10:44/M

5 JAMES COMPTON 420 44 M 1:40-49 2:51:25.70 11:04/M

6 CAITLIN JONES 774 35 F 1:Overall 2:55:39.66 11:20/M

7 DREW SWOMLEY 952 31 M 1:30-39 2:56:42.16 11:24/M

8 CHRIS SHOEMAKER 939 56 M 1:50-59 2:58:08.10 11:30/M

9 TYLER WAGNER 971 31 M 2:30-39 2:58:16.40 11:30/M

10 CHAD GRIFFIN 436 51 M 2:50

50K Green Monster

1 ERIC KOSEK 6798 40 M 1:Overall 5:06:35.19 9:53/M

2 ZACKARY SANDERS 6826 29 M 2:Overall 5:15:26.18 10:11/M

3 ROBERT PANAS 6816 36 M 3:Overall 5:40:35.91 10:59/M

4 DAVID PATALANO 6817 33 M 1:30-39 5:49:36.66 11:17/M

5 ADAM KOLB 6797 39 M 2:30-39 5:58:33.40 11:34/M

6 GRANT COLE 6779 32 M 3:30-39 6:14:20.27 12:05/M

7 GIUSEPPE CAVALLO 6777 41 M 1:40-49 6:16:29.94 12:09/M

8 ADAM MARTIN 6806 34 M 4:30-39 6:17:06.99 12:10/M

9 TONY CARINO 6773 35 M 5:30-39 6:17:47.75 12:11/M

10 REBECCA KOSEK 6799 39 F

15k Green Monster

1 TIM RIBOVIC 6890 36 M 1:Overall 1:25:52.95 9:14/M

2 BO MARCY 6875 33 M 2:Overall 1:32:28.67 9:57/M

3 KIM HARRIS 6861 33 F 1:Overall 1:35:24.74 10:16/M

4 RANDY WHITE 6909 54 M 3:Overall 1:43:43.37 11:09/M

5 HAYLEY WEYHE 6907 45 F 2:Overall 1:45:45.13 11:22/M

6 JULIA TERRY 6902 43 F 3:Overall 1:46:01.34 11:24/M

7 KOLE SWARTLEY 6899 13 M 1: 0-19 1:52:30.95 12:06/M

8 KEVIN BRUNNER 6839 57 M 1:50-59 1:53:44.62 12:14/M

9 LAYNI PISTONE 6887 31 F 1:30-39 1:54:03.81 12:16/M

10 BURDETT PORTER 6888 58 M 2:50-59 1:58:56.57 12:47/M

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