Miracle-Ear Foundation provides hearing aids

Mary Sherman (right) is the recipient of donated hearing aids through the Miracle-Ear Foundation.

Miracle-Ear of Wellsboro a part of the nationwide hearing solution franchise, partnered with the Miracle-Ear Foundation to provide, Mary Sherman the gift of sound.

Sherman, a Wellsboro resident, has struggled with hearing for several years. She has recently found it more and more difficult to understand television but, more importantly, to communicate with friends and family. Sherman struggles to hear doctors and nurses at medical appointments as well and finds herself asking people to repeat themselves more and more lately. Growing more frustrated, Sherman decided to reach out to Miracle-Ear for an evaluation.

Miracle-Ear Hearing Specialist Rik Foresman tested Sherman and confirmed the need for hearing aids but quickly determined that the cost of hearing aids was out of her reach. Foresman suggested that she apply for assistance from the Miracle-Ear Foundation. Sherman was approved and fitted with donated hearing aids as well as life-time aftercare.

Sherman is thrilled with her new hearing aids. She is so excited to be able to communicate with her family and friends better. The TV volume is down and she can understand what is being said. She is looking forward to enjoying the little things in life that she has not been able to enjoy. Sherman is very grateful for the help Foresman and the Miracle Ear Foundation has given her with the gift of sound.

In partnership with local franchisee, Julie McKelvey, and her staff, the Miracle-Ear Foundation, a Minneapolis-based non-profit organization, supports underserved adults and children across the country with their hearing healthcare needs. The Miracle-Ear Foundation, working with Miracle-Ear centers across the country, has donated more than 30,000 hearing aids to over 16,000 individuals nationwide, including the aids donated to Mary.

“By giving my mother, Mary, hearing aids, the Miracle-Ear Foundation has given her the ability to interact with the world around her,” said son Mike. “And not only did she receive free hearing aids, but Miracle-Ear encouraged Mary to come in for regular follow-up care.”

To speak with a local hearing care professional, contact Michael Yurich at 717-761-7201.

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