WELLSBORO — A three-vehicle accident at the intersection of Charleston, Main and Tioga streets resulted the street being closed for about 15 minutes. Joe Hastings, chief of the Wellsboro Ambulance Department said it is not known if a driver ran a red light, but a Ford F-150 struck the back of a GMC Yukon. All people involved in the accident refused medical treatment.

An individual in the small, four-door Ford sedan told this reporter that she was going through the green light when the Ford F-150 struck her in the rear of her car at least twice. As a result of the impact, she swerved and ended up on the side of the road, jumping the curb and coming to a stop atop the grass and sidewalk.

The GMC Yukon stopped on other side of the road, over the curb and partially on the grass. The Ford F-150 came to a stop in the middle of Main Street.