STSD Alloy 5 presentation

Alloy 5 architects presented a three-option proposal in a feasibility study on the five school buildings housing Southern TIoga School District students during a board meeting Tuesday, Jan. 18 in Blossburg. This image shows the third option, dubbed "Southern Tioga Together" which shows one new school building for all 1,641 students in the district to be constructed on a currently un-purchased 77-acre parcel.

BLOSSBURG – A team from Alloy 5 Architecture, of Bethlehem, gave a presentation to the Southern Tioga School District board of directors on a feasibility study for the five district school buildings during its Tuesday, Jan. 18 board meeting.

In a nutshell, the 90-minute presentation proposed three options:

  1. Repair the existing buildings.
  2. Move LES students to LHS and build a new high school in Blossburg on the existing BES site for LHS and MHS students, leaving WLM for students but updated in Mansfield.
  3. Build an entirely new campus on a site yet to be purchased for all district students in all five buildings and sell the existing buildings.

Before the presentation, Superintendent Sam Rotella advised the board and those in attendance that the presentation would also include “thought provoking proposals intended to spark a conversation and look at the direction of the district over a certain amount of time,” but would “not be brought to the board anytime soon.”

The study focused first on the condition of the five buildings: Liberty Elementary, Blossburg Elementary, Warren L. Miller Elementary, NP-Liberty High and NP-Mansfield High.

According to the presentation, Liberty Elementary School is in poor condition, while Blossburg Elementary School, NP-LHS and NP-MHS are in “average” condition. Miller is in “good” condition.

Alloy 5 went on to present three options based on the district’s current enrollment figures (1,641) and other factors such as an overview of the region, including available post graduate education, employment opportunities, median income, diversity and educational programming offered by the district.

Option one, the least costly, would cost between $68 and $85 million and would basically keep the buildings in place and repair/renovate them with Liberty Elementary School needing the most work, $12.6-$15.8 million; BES needing $19.1-$23.8 million; WLM, $1.5-$1.8 million; NPLHS: $12.1-$15.1 million; and NPMHS $19.3-$24.1 million. The estimates include a construction contingency of $3.2-$4 million and a $250,000 allowance for change orders.

Option two, what Alloy 5 called a “condensed campus,” would not use the Liberty Elementary or Mansfield high school buildings, but would move all grades 6-12 students to a “new junior/senior high school building in Blossburg” and LES K-5 students to the LHS building. WLM would remain in use in Mansfield but “realigned” for grades K-5. The total cost would range between $75-$84 million.

The final option, called Southern Tioga All Together by Alloy 5, would build an entirely new campus on a 77-acre parcel, yet to be purchased, with a construction cost of between $114-$126 million dollars. Cost of land purchase was not included in the estimate.

“Tonight only starts a journey to get input on buildings and academic pieces. The idea of … spending money on facilities has only one focus: to improve the academics we offer our students. This isn’t a quick fix, it’s a long-term fix,” Rotella said.

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