BLOSSBURG — The organizer of the trap, neuter, release project for Blossburg’s feral cat colonies said progress has been slow, and asked the borough to financially support the project for a few more years.

At the Sept. 9 meeting, Wendy Shattuck said 66 cats have been trapped and neutered to date. The borough provided $5,000 in seed money for the project and additional monies have been donated. There remains $1,985 left, enough for the 29 cats remaining in one colony, said Shattuck.

“With 66 cats, we’ve barely touched the problem,” Shattuck said.

The group has focused its efforts on a few of the colonies, and not even begun to address the most affected area in the borough, she said.

“We need $5,000 for a couple years; that could make a difference,” Shattuck said.

There have also been unforeseen expenses, including 15 kittens that were trapped, neutered, socialized and placed in homes or went to no-kill shelters for adoption. Kittens, she said, can be socialized and adopted; adult feral cats cannot.

Shattuck has a $1,698 veterinary bill for treating the kittens, which were severely anemic due to flea infestation and other ailments. She received $886 in donations toward the bill, and paid $712 out-of-pocket.

Council told Shattuck to keep the receipts and will look into finding reimbursement for the additional expense. They also urged her to apply to local foundations for funding.

“The borough is behind you 100%. VIBE is behind you 100%. Whatever it is you need, we will make it happen,” said Councilwoman Jill Nickerson.

Additional trapping dates will be held Sept. 18 and 24, said Shattuck. After that, the program will probably go into hiatus and resume next March or April.

“It’s a labor of love; it’s my COVID project,” Shattuck said.