Wellsboro police are warning area businesses of counterfeit money being circulated in the community.

Police Chief Jim Bodine said that at least 10 businesses have accepted counterfeit money in denominations of $20 or higher.

The counterfeit detection pens do not work on the suspected counterfeit bills. Normally, when marked, the ink from the pen will react to the wood-based or fiber-based paper. The color of a genuine bill will remain amber while suspect bills will appear black or a dark brown color. The ink remains amber.

Instead, police said businesses should look for bills that are slightly darker and compare bills received from customers with one that is known to be good. In addition, at least two bills have the same serial number: PH16258367A.

For more information, call the police department at 570-724-4400.

This article will be updated as new information is received.