Conceptual plan for Marsh Creek Greenway

This overview of the conceptual plan for the Marsh Creek Greenway identifies wetlands, street and railroad crossings, along with bridges.

WELLSBORO — Tioga County will submit an application for a $1.5 million grant from the Pennsylvania Redevelopment Assistance Capital Program.

The application is due Jan. 15 and awards should be announced this fall, according to Marc Rice, county liaison for the trail.

If successful, the funds will be used to develop the trailhead on Charleston Street, Wellsboro. The 1.75-acre parcel will include a welcome building, a section of the trail on the property and parking area.

COVID-19 has slowed down completion of the project, Rice said at the commissioner’s meeting on Jan. 12. The county received funding for the northern section of the trail, about two miles from the northern terminus near the Wellsboro Junction, south to Hilboldt Road. Contracts for core boring along the center line of the trail at all the bridge crossings were to be done in late winter of 2020. Instead, the contracts were let in the fall of 2020, and would be completed this spring.

This year, the county also plans to award the bid for reconstruction of the Hellville bridge over Marsh Creek at Hilboldt Road.

The county plans to again apply for funding to complete the trail from Hilboldt Road to the trailhead through the Better Utilizing Investments to Leverage Development grant.

This will be the third application. The county sought funding alone and last year partnered with Clinton and Lycoming counties on a grant for $22,985,629.

Tioga County’s request is for $8,554,139, to be used toward the $13.5 million Greenway.

Clinton County is seeking $1,428,514 to build the Bald Eagle Valley Trail, an 11-mile trail to link Lock Haven, Castanea Township, Pine Creek Township, Wayne Township and Avis borough to Jersey Shore.

Lycoming County is requesting funds for three projects: $3,145,251 to connect Jersey Shore to the Bald Eagle Valley Trail and Pine Creek Rail Trail, $9,135,000 toward the $9.38 million cost of replacing a culvert under Allegheny Street in Jersey Shore, and $713,725 toward elevating the Lycoming Valley Railroad Bridge.

This year, Tioga County again plans to partner with the other two counties. The projects mesh well, Rice said, and all contribute to better transportation, fewer vehicles on the road and a positive economic impact for the associated communities.

Lease agreement

Also at the Jan. 12 meeting, commissioners approved a district magistrate court at 267 South Main St., Mansfield.

The rent is $250/month; North Penn will be making “significant improvements” to the site and will be responsible for utilities, upkeep and maintenance, said commissioners.

The intent is to use the site as a dental clinic.

In other business, commissioners approved $125,000 for the 2021 Farmland Preservation Program, which will preserve two farm properties in Charleston Township totaling 450 acres.

The board also agreed to $3,500 each for two real estate appraisals from Real Estate Appraisal & Marketing Associates on the Ward Manufacturing property in Lawrenceville and the Phoenix Wellsboro Industrial property in Wellsboro. The appraisals are needed for an appeal of the county assessment value.

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