The Tioga County commissioners released the following statement today, July 16.

"We have received many inquiries about the request for an audit of our election equipment and we want the citizens of Tioga County to know the following information about that:

"We have not received a request from the Pennsylvania Senate or from any Senate Committee.  We have not received a subpoena for any information.  What we received was a letter from a single senator.  

"Against that, we have a directive from the Secretary of State that she will decertify our voting machines if we provide the requested information.  She has actual authority to do that and nothing in the information request addresses what would happen if our voting machines are decertified.

"We are therefore following the Secretary's directive because we have a responsibility to ensure that our citizens can vote in the next election. That is not political, it is simply our job.

"The cost of replacing the machines if they were decertified is approximately $1,070,000. We also have a contract with our current vendor under which our warranty likely would be voided if we provide 3rd party access.

"In addition, if we had to buy new machines, we would need them in place by the end of August due to the time it takes the election workers to prepare them for the Fall election, in part because we need to prepare and send overseas ballots to active duty military personnel."

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