BLOSSBURG — Ridge Top Custom Meats opened this past weekend, giving customers an opportunity to support local farmers and producers.

Megan Bryan, owner of the business, grew up in an agricultural family in Bucks County and is bringing locally-produced, high-quality items to local shoppers.

Ridge Top Custom Meats is located at 1120 Blake Road, about 3.5 miles outside Blossburg via the East Creek Road. She relocated to the area 11 years ago.

The beef and pork products are raised at Bryan’s property and processed at a USDA certified facility. There are specialty cuts and products, many of which cannot be found at a local grocery, she said.

The meats are housed inside two freezers, one decorated with a galvanized metal cow, the other a hog. A smaller refrigerator, decorated with a drawing by Bryan’s daughter of the new business, holds farm fresh eggs and suet cakes.

You’ll find much more beyond that. There’s animal feed, handcrafted soap, maple, honey, along with decorative items, T-shirts and the unique, such as a carpenter bee trap and wool dryer balls.

The idea for the custom meat business began during the COVID-19 shutdown.

“I was trying to think of how I could be a contributor to our family,” said Bryan who has three children. “What could I do so the kids could get their education and we could stay financially afloat?”

The Bryans purchased the shell from Buildings Inc. in Covington and completed the interior with rustic wood, galvanized metal roofing, lights, fans and freezers. Wheeland Lumber cut the pallet grade wood to length and planed it.

To add inventory, she reached out to others in the agricultural community who were producing products, like Huck’s Family Maple from Little Marsh, Ken Erdman’s honey in Quakertown, along with animal feed from her sister, Jennifer Angelone’s Redder is Bedder Farm & Feeds.

In the small agricultural community, there is a lot of intertwinement, noted Angelone.

A feed customer may purchase sheep from her farm, from which the wool is used in the dryer balls. The veterinarian who developed the feed line also provides care to the animals or raises feeder livestock.

“People can be happy to know that they are literally supporting multiple small businesses by buying one product,” Angelone said.

Quality is uppermost for Bryan.

“With the meat, I am very picky about my animals for the cleanliness and health of the product,” she said.

All meat sold at Ridge Top is antibiotic and hormone-free. The livestock are born, raised and processed in the United States.

“It’s a true product of the U.S.,” she said.

She also supports the community when possible. Bryan donated meat baskets for the Elmira Jackals raffle fundraiser, and purchased a market steer at the Junior Livestock Auction at the Tioga County Fair.

Ridge Top Custom Meats is open 8:30 a.m. to 2 p.m. Monday through Friday and other hours by appointment. For more information, visit the page on Facebook or call 570-404-3852.

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