WELLSBORO — The early freeze last Wednesday night created a unique addition to the Wynken, Blynken and Nod statue on The Green here.

Pete Herres, executive director of the Wellsboro Parks and Recreation Department, said the overnight drop in temperature created an icy condition. While local photographers flocked to capture the ice-encrusted statue, several residents were alarmed and called officials to ask.

Herres said he received a text early Thursday morning by police Chief Jim Bodine and immediately went to the park. He discovered that several nozzles on the fountain iced over. As a result, the water pressure increased causing it to spray over rather than on the statue.

It happened the night before the fountain was scheduled to be winterized, Herres said.

The good news is that everything — nozzles, pump, fountain and statue — is unbroken and operational.

“Nothing was damaged,” said Herres. “It’s just a coating of ice. The statue is not permeable; it’s made to be out in the elements.”

The freeze did postpone the fountain winterization. Herres had to wait until the ice thawed before he could winterize the fountain.

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