BLOSSBURG — Third day enrollment data shows 293 of Southern Tioga’s 1,727 students are in full-remote learning, Sam Rotella, superintendent, shared during Tuesday’s school board work session.

For the most part, students in grades K-3 have face-to-face instruction five days a week. Ninety-three K-3 students have chosen the full remote option.

Students in grades 4-12 are mostly on a hybrid plan, with two non-consecutive days of face-to-face instruction and the rest online.

The number of students in MyCyber campus has doubled from the average of 60 students, jumping to 128 students.

“That number is probably a little bit low compared to where we are right now,” Sam Rotella, superintendent said. With that, the number of homeschooled students is at 113 compared to 73 last year.

The district ended the 2019-20 school year with 1,839 students. The third day enrollment shows 1,727 students, about 70 students less.

The data is very early and is expected to change. The enrollment numbers in October will more truly reflect where the district is at, Rotella said.

A masking order requires people to wear masks inside the school, but there hasn’t been any issues with that, Rotella said.

“Both educationally and in athletics, but then our whole system, everybody for the most part has done a really good job of working together,” Rotella said.

“People are doing what they need to do to keep us open,” he said. There have been no positive cases within the district.

An emergency power upgrade project at Southern Tioga School District was brought up as part of the finance report. There’s not an immediate need for the upgrade, but power needs keep increasing and if the power is out for an extended period of time, the district would be “under powered” by the current generators.

The district requested proposals for the project and received two bids; the low bid was $444,000 from G.R. Noto Electrical Construction, Inc, about $174,000 more than what the district has budgeted for the project.

The original estimate for the project was obtained in 2019, so 8% was also added for inflation. COVID-19 added about $37,000. Work will be done in the evening, which added $15,000. Plus, the generators will need to be moved outside based on the building code, which was not taken into account in the original pricing.

Money is available for the project in capital reserve.