The Annual Fund Drive is now open for the Knoxville Public Library. Your donations help libraries continue to offer quality programs, latest materials and keep the doors open and lights on. With this being our 100th year, our goal is $10,000. Every dollar counts! Generous donations have been given by Billings Park Volunteer Association, Lois and John Bush, Chuck and Chris Vanzile, Bonnie and Bruce Bloom, and Richard Reimann.

In 1992, J. Marshall Chamberlain toured around Knoxville and created a snapshot in time of the community with a video. You can view this on our YouTube channel:

The library staff and museum are in the process of creating a new digital video of 30 years later, for next year. Do you have any stories, history, or information that you would like to share about Knoxville? We would be happy to record or use any written form that you would like to contribute. Contact the library 814-326-4448 or email

Come in and check out our holiday collection and have a happy Thanksgiving.

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