LAWRENCEVILLE — The borough is entering its second year without a contract for fire services.

The council discussed the lack of a contract with the Lawrenceville Fire Department during the Jan. 4 meeting.

A department representative hand-delivered a copy of the contract to the council in September, as required in the 2019 contract.

The council failed to review the newest document, which called for an increase to .80 of a mill, up .05 mill in 2020. There is currently no signed contract for 2020 nor 2021. The department requested that council sign the document by February.

The fire department lost its building to fire July 27, 2019 and has not settling with the insurance company.

The department plans to rebuild on the Mechanic Street property in the borough as soon as insurance issues are settled.

The contract is a key part of the department’s plan to move forward as it must provide projected income.

Councilman Gordon Chilson said the department would get a raise from the annual increase in the assessed valuation of properties in the borough.

When asked, Chilson was unable to say how much revenue one mill generated.

The department’s lease of the building it is currently using in Lawrence Township is expiring and the department will need to relocate by the end of July.

Penny Jeffers, borough secretary, will draw up a new document which council is planning to adopt in February. It is unclear what the rate would be in the new contract.

The council agreed to pay $250 for retainer and $75/hour for services to Jeff Loomis to serve as solicitor for the borough’s zoning hearing board.

There currently are no members on the board.

Council approved the construction of a pole barn on State Street and rejected a proposal for the addition of a front porch in Ryon Circle due to lack of information.

Also rejected was the proposal for the installation of a swimming pool, also in Ryon Circle, due to its placement beneath a utility’s high tension wires.

Council members Terry Gleason andKathryn Helgemo will look into the absence of a penalty page in the borough ordinances, an issue under discussion for several months.

Without penalties established in the ordinances, the borough cannot enforce the codes.

Council reviewed and approved a proposal by the Cemetery Association to seek funds from the Albert and Mary Krieger Foundation. If a grant is awarded, it would cover a memorial garden constructed by local Eagle Scouts.

Council set the mileage rate at 56 cents, the same as the Internal Revenue Service and a decrease from 57.5 in 2020.

The council will meet at 7 p.m. on the first Monday of each month unless it is a holiday when it will be held on the following day.

If needed, a second meeting will be held at 7 p.m. on the third Tuesday. The next meeting is 7 p.m. Feb. 1.

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