Noyes Lawton


WELLSBORO — Tioga County resident Noyes Lawton is throwing his hat into the ring to represent residents of Pennsylvania’s 68th Legislative District.

Lawton is challenging incumbent Clint Owlett, Republican. He spoke to potential voters at a picnic in Woodland Park on Sunday, July 19.

Libertarians, said Lawton, generally support smaller government and personal liberty combined with fiscal conservatism. He decided to enter the race because he thinks it’s important for voters to have a choice outside of Republican or Democratic.

“With our party, whether I agree with you or not, I will fight for your Constitutional liberties and freedom,” said Lawton.

A U.S. Marine, Lawton completed his undergraduate work in community development at Michigan University, has 100-plus credits at Mansfield University and has a master’s degree from Grand Canyon University.

He’s honest about his past addiction to alcohol and incarceration.

“When you look at the opioid crisis, I believe someone who actually understands addiction and the process to be sober would be very beneficial in the state legislature,” Lawton said.

If elected, his legislative priority would be criminal justice reform. While many people are now talking police reform, the entire system including prisons must be part of the reform. Pennsylvania has one of the highest incarceration rates in the nation with 765 per 100,000 people. He supports repealing jail time for victimless crimes.

Growing up on a farm, Lawton seeks more support for small family-run farms. He wants to decrease regulations and taxes on small businesses.

He believes his background and experiences make him a strong candidate.

“My views and where I come from allow me to represent the district more fully,” Lawton said. “I want to hit everybody. Too often, our duopoly is influenced by money and corporations and represents money and corporations rather than people.”For more information, visit his Facebook page @LawtonforLiberty or email He is in the process of creating a YouTube page.