Tioga County Equine Rehabilitation Center

Krystal Knecht (left) and Brittany Halderman pose with Vinny, a horse rescued with two others from a locked barn in Bradford County. He is being rehabilitated for eventual adoption at the Tioga County Equine Rehablitation Center.

The Tioga County Equine Rehabilitation Center is only a year old, but it’s already housing 13 horses that have been abused or neglected to the point of starvation.

Krys Knecht and Brittany Halderman are operating the county’s only horse rehabilitation center outside of Mainesburg.

The center is located on a 300-acre farm in a 100-year-old wooden barn originally owned by the Hulslander family. The lower level contains large box stalls for their own horses and the rescues; and Daisy, a 30-year-old pony, who wanders at will. A nearby hoop house holds hay and more space for the rescues.

Knecht and Halderman got into equine rehabilitation about a year ago when they were called to Bradford County for six horses locked in a barn without food or water.

“How do you say ‘No, I can’t help with that,’” said Knecht.

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