Heart of Tioga thanks the Mansfield Auxiliary Corporation board for graciously funding the purchase of a new ultrasound unit for the Heart of Tioga pregnancy and parenting support center. This unit is being used by Heart of Tioga to offer free ultrasound services to expectant mothers throughout the area.

The MAC board is a 501c3 corporation whose directors are Brian Barden, Chuck Colby, David Cummings and Al Quimby. The MAC board was formed to aid Mansfield University through the development and construction of four new student housing buildings on campus. Since the completion of these buildings, the Mansfield Auxiliary Corporation has continued to serve and aid the Mansfield Community in a variety of ways. 

Since the arrival of the ultrasound unit, Heart of Tioga has done more than 40 free ultrasounds – while training the new nurse-manager, Lindsey Cuneo, R.N. in limited ultrasound obstetrics. Cuneo is training under the supervision of the ultrasound technician, Gary Gee, RDMS, who has more than 45 years of experience.

Heart of Tioga invites pregnant women between 5-22 weeks gestation to schedule for a free ultrasound. Appointments can be made by contacting Heart of Tioga at 570-948-2020.