MANSFIELD — Mansfield Borough Council unanimously adopted a resolution to remove borough police officer Brian Gossert during a brief special meeting held Thursday, April 8.

Gossert was hired as a temporary probationary officer Sept. 9, 2020. He was suspended on March 31 after videos surfaced in which he says the Confederate flag is not a racist symbol, that people should move on from slavery and questions why the LGBTQ+ flag should be flown. Gossert allegedly live streamed the videos while he was on duty in his patrol car. He also appears to arrest someone, whose face can be seen, during one of the streams.

A roll call vote was held during the meeting, with each council member voting in favor of Gossert’s removal. Council President Rob Strohecker also said Gossert tendered his resignation earlier today.

The resolution states: “Whereas, Brian Gossert, hereinafter referred to as a probationary officer, was hired as a probationary officer on Sept. 9, 2020 and whereas the borough has determined that it is appropriate and necessary to remove the temporary probationary officer from employment with the borough, effective immediately. Now therefore it is hereby resolved as follows: The foregoing recitals are incorporated herein by reference, the probation officer is dismissed effective immediately, the probation officer has not met the required standards and has engaged in unacceptable and unsatisfactory conduct. Duly resolved on this eighth day of April, 2021.

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