A group of young people took it upon themselves to honor Patriot Day on Saturday, Sept. 11.

“People should know that the younger generation does care,” said Russell Mee, one of the group. “We might not remember it very well, but we know about it. People our age are patriots too.”

Aaron Quimby came up with the idea for a truck parade to remember and honor Sept. 11 first responders and victims. “I wanted to do it last year, but I started too late. This year, I did more planning,” he said.

Quimby and friends gathered outside Wellsboro at 4 p.m. and drove east on Route 6 with Mansfield as their destination. The group flew large American flags from their truck beds and bumpers. Most of the trucks were embossed with flags and patriotic sayings as well.

“It just seems like around here, people don’t do that much for Sept. 11, except post stuff online,” said Quimby. “And it doesn’t take much of anything to do that. We wanted to do something real.”

“We want to remember those who suffered 20 years ago,” said Alex Bieser. “Especially the first responders, the ones who gave their all.

“I was only three,” said Bieser. “We were at my great grandma’s house, watching TV. I remember seeing the second tower fall. I was little, but I do remember.

“Especially right now, with the country so divided, we think it’s important to show that we’re all Americans.”

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