Wellsboro Nutrition has opened its doors at 17½ Crafton St., providing a new healthy option for eating and snacking.

Owners Kiley and Ross Butler have had a busy season. They moved to the area from Texas in August, married in October and opened Wellsboro Nutrition on Nov. 12.

Wellsboro Nutrition offers nutritional shakes and teas that can serve as a meal replacement, an energy booster or just a snack.

Kiley grew up in the Austin area. While working in the oil field industry in Texas, she started drinking nutritional shakes.

“I fell in love with a nutrition club when I was down south,” said Kiley. “This area doesn’t have anything like this.”

Customers can choose from dozens of different ingredients to build customized drinks. All menu items are blended with ice and water, and can add options such as vitamins, herbs or fruit added.

“It can be a little overwhelming at first,” said Kiley. “I can explain the process. We’re actually planning on adding more options, but for now we’re just trying to get people used to it.”

Standard shakes include the nutrient-dense Naked; the Classic; the Select, with natural ingredients; the Rebuild, which rebuilds muscle; and the Extreme Rebuild, which contains extra plant protein, fresh fruit and more.

Decaffeinated shakes and teas are on the menu; customers can also choose to have extra caffeine added to a drink. Gluten-free items are also available.

Also available is a Kid’s Menu that offers shakes that do not contain caffeine, only vitamins and electrolytes.

Wellsboro Nutrition offers delivery and pre-ordering.

Hours are 7 a.m. to 6 p.m. Monday to Friday and 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. on Saturday. For more information visit Wellsboro Nutrition on Facebook and Instagram.

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