Re-imagining America seems to be the continued direction of the Biden-Harris ticket. From re-imagining our law enforcement to re-imagining everything that makes this nation so great, career politicians Joe Biden and Kamala Harris want to fundamentally transform America.

Under a Biden-Harris administration, Pennsylvania’s economy, particularly the energy sector, would be decimated.

Recently, Biden unveiled his Unity Platform and while the name might sound nice, it is incredibly misleading. Biden’s Unity Platform, concocted with self-avowed Socialist Sen. Bernie Sanders, is a disguise for the radical left’s plan for a future of socialism, higher taxes and big government.

Biden’s plan would result in more than 80% of American’s paying higher taxes and over half a million jobs eradicated. With those tax increases would come a 28% corporate tax resulting in less companies staying in the United States. His administration would be a direct attack on middle class families and good paying jobs that President Trump has brought back to America.

Biden plans to completely overhaul our energy sector, with a $2 trillion plan to eliminate oil, gas and coal. Such a plan would not only raise taxes on all Americans, but it would also increase the cost of living for every U.S. household. With these tax hikes, would also come the loss of more than 10 million jobs in the United States that are supported by energy industries in states like Pennsylvania.

Many of these ideas come from New York Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, who Joe Biden refers to as “brilliant,” with her plans to install charging stations and replace more than 500,000 school buses and $3 million government vehicles with “zero-emission vehicles” by 2025. Look no further than her destructive decision to kill the Amazon deal that would have brought thousands of new jobs to her district.

Ocasio-Cortez and Biden, like a many in today’s Democrat Party, refuse to prioritize working families because they are so focused on implementing their socialist vision over America.

Meanwhile, under President Trump’s plan rightly titled, “The Great American Comeback,” Americans will see their taxes cut and more job opportunities than we have seen in a long time. Between May and September, over 9.3 million jobs were added back to our economy following the artificial lockdown caused by the global pandemic.

President Trump has begun deregulation efforts that are saving the American people money. His deregulation efforts have resulted in lower costs on energy, prescription drugs, vehicles and household consumer goods.

Last time Joe Biden got close to the Oval Office, they imposed more than $873 billion in new regulations that resulted in the loss of a lot of American jobs.

This November cast your ballot in support of working American families here in Pennsylvania, and across America. Vote for lower taxes and against socialism on Nov. 3. Vote to re-elect President Donald Trump.

Republican Roger Bunn of Blossburg is serving his third term as Tioga County Commissioner.