Next senator could have county roots

I have researched the history of our senators from Pennsylvania, focusing on where they were born. Many were born in or near Philadelphia, Scranton and Pittsburgh. Some were born in other states and even other countries. The closest to Potter County was Republican John Inscho Mitchell from Tioga County, followed by James S. Berger born in Warren County and later moved to Potter County. We’ve had some locally born representatives, such as Republican Martin Causer and Democrat Owen G. Metzger, but to my knowledge, this is the very first time we’ve had the chance to have a senator of Pennsylvania who was actually born right here in Potter County.

Margie Brown, born Margaret Satterwhite, is the daughter of John Satterwhite and Mary Jean Mosch. I have been researching many Potter County family trees, including the Mosch family tree. Many in this community are familiar with the Mosch doctors, Dr. George and Dr. Herman and dentist Dr. Paul Mosch. Margie Brown is the granddaughter of Dr. Herman Carl Mosch.

Margie is convinced that broadband throughout the state would increase employment opportunities, healthcare and education. It would also result in many jobs for the new and old contracted companies and employees installing the infrastructure.

Margie’s Mosch family has deep roots in Potter County and a long, proud list of high achievers in any field they choose. Margie has been a waitress, a reporter, a broadcast journalist, an English teacher and a broadcast communications teacher at the University of Pittsburgh in Bradford. No one could care more for our hometown values, hopes and concerns than Margie Brown. If the citizens of this great state of Pennsylvania are lucky, we will be adding Margie Brown to that Mosch family list, as a Senator of Pennsylvania.

Larry Herbstritt