Normalcy may be better than handout

The President thinks there is greater danger in the stimulus being too little than too great.

I agree with those who fear inflation may result from a too-generous stimulus. Of course, we must do our utmost to help those in danger of being hungry or homeless, based on their needs, but we don’t need a couple hundred million people with a lot more money to spend than if there never had been a virus epidemic.

The large employers at Westfield are screaming for employees. This may indicate that the undoubted unemployment that has occurred since the epidemic began will not be cured by stimulus money but by a return to social normalcy.

If it is necessary to dampen demand to fight inflation, it should be by higher taxes rather than higher interest rates, considering the tremendous amount of debt we’ve piled up in the last 20 years. It won’t help any of us if we bankrupt Uncle Sam.

James C. Streeter


What they teach in school

This letter is meant to be sort of a wake up call to people who consider themselves to be Christian, conservative or just patriots. I am sharing here a sort of a poem that my grandson “just out of the blue” handed to his parents the other night. He is 16 years old and in 11th grade in a school in New York State.

I have been so challenged as a 71-year-old resident of Wellsboro, born and raised here that as I have pursued my own life and dreams over the past 50 years. I have been so out of touch with the perversions of our American history as taught by our schools. History which I hope has not been so blatantly changed locally. This is something I intend to investigate and become involved with. I would challenge you to do the same. You can probably tell by the reading of this that it is my first feeble attempt at this, but if published will probably not be my last.

On school

They teach us all about how America is sad.

About how we arrived here and violently took land.

They teach us to hate our past, our forefathers are bad.

We were never great, because we enslaved the Blacks.

Russia is amazing and democracy is mad.

They teach us that we have privileges just for being white.

They teach us that the wars we won were due to all our allies might.

They teach us that we never ever truly won a fight.

They teach us that every choice we make is never right.

They teach us all this useless math that we won’t ever see.

They teach us that we shouldn’t work cuz everything is free.

They teach that the liberals are the only way to peace.

They teach us if you love your God and you support police.

That you are going nowhere cuz you’re racist and a sheep.

They teach us that we are wealthy third world country.

They teach us that Obama is how we got our money.

They teach us that we hate ourselves, darn it’s kinda funny.

They teach us that America needs a different way of running.

Ron Munson


Put words into action

Richard Becker’s Feb. 11 letter demonstrates of the gulf between conservative theory and practice. He condemns the “Marxism” and socialism of the “current leading political party,” the Democrats.

You’d think that he would avoid socialist benefits, but I suspect he doesn’t. If and when he collects social security he’ll receive far more in benefits than he ever paid in, even with interest. Would he return the overage?

How about Medicare? He is likely to receive much more from it than he paid in. Will he pay his medical bills, rather than accept benefits from this “socialist” program?

And what about those tax-free stimulus checks? Did he return them to the government, or did he happily pocket the money like any good socialist? Will he accept free COVID vaccinations, or pay for them?

And don’t try the “I’m a taxpayer” excuse. His letter shows he is well aware of the fact that our country spends more each year than it takes in by taxes. He approves the Republicans lowering taxes without lowering expenditures. Living off the national credit card to get benefits you didn’t pay for sounds like socialism to me.

A suggestion. Have an actuary calculate the annuity that your Social Security contributions and interest would fund upon your retirement, including medical coverage. Create an irrevocable trust to receive your checks. Take only a monthly payment equal to what you paid in, with interest, and reserve the rest for medical expenses, but only to the extent you paid in. Return the balance upon your death. You can reimburse the government for your stimulus checks received, return future checks, and pay additional taxes voluntarily in proportion to that part of the federal budget which is unfunded, which was 20% in 2019. Game?

If you talk the talk, then walk the walk.

Jim Tutak


Pay employees living wage

As a (very) small business owner of 40 years, I would like to explain how our tax dollars are diverted to all the businesses that do not pay their full-time employees a living wage.

When a full-time employee makes less then it takes to pay the bills for housing, food and health care, the tax payer will pay him or her by way of SNAP, ACA, etc.

The employer will receive the benefit of the hours worked, making it more profitable for their business, whether it needs it or not. If the employer pays the employees less so he can charge less money, thereby undercutting competitors who pay a living wage, then that business is being subsidized by you the tax payer. That is socialism.

If a business can’t make a profit while paying a living wage to the full-time employees, then maybe it should consider reorganizing or close the business to keep the playing field level. This is capitalism. Pay employees a living wage or the owner should do the job themselves.

Bob Rubin


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