Outdoor Yoga

Attendees practice yoga on a warm summer evening alongside Nessmuk Lake outside of Wellsboro.

“It’s all about the breath,” Gena Rasmussen said when explaining what yoga is.

Rasmussen, a registered yoga teacher, recently set up and hosted an outdoor yoga event at Nessmuk Lake in Wellsboro. Why should someone practice yoga? When there is a time set apart to calm the mind, people can find peacefulness, serenity and calmness, explained Rasmussen. This reduces stress throughout the day.

“I love Monday night yoga because usually Mondays are stressful. People just got back to work and usually people are pretty ramped up,” Rasmussen said. “So when they arrive to class, there is a lot of chatter. My favorite thing about Monday night yoga, besides it being outdoors, is that everybody becomes so peaceful and ready to be tucked into bed.”

For beginners, Rasmussen advises that people be patient with themselves. Some moves and words can be intimidating, but just breathe. If one class does not work, maybe another one would.

There are people in the area who teach yoga and some might be more comfortable with one instructor over another. When Rasmussen started yoga, she was impatient with herself because she could not do a lot of things and her body was really tight. Through time and persistence, she found herself getting more passionate about the practice.

She would take her children to classes and would show them how to practice yoga. Eventually, she decided to become a teacher and wants everyone to see how beneficial it can be.

“This is awesome: it is a huge stress relief and it helped me to not be so anxious,” Rasmussen said.

The outdoors can add to the experience and it can provide a place to join a community and do something fun while staying safe from COVID-19. There is plenty of space for people to safely gather while maintaining their distance and doing yoga together. Rasmussen’s favorite part of holding these events is seeing it become a community where she can build relationships and see people become more peaceful.

For more information about Anyoga, visit the Anyoga Facebook page to see when sessions are scheduled. If you choose to join her next outdoor yoga event, just remember to breathe. As Rasmussen reminds people, “It’s all about the breath.”

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