Motorists used to driving over Westgate Road to get to the Route 15 business district will have to go the long way around, probably by the end of August, following action by the Richmond Township supervisors at their Aug. 6 meeting.

According to township secretary Mary House, the vote was unanimous with all three supervisors, Trish Hall, Gary Fish and Chuck Neal, approving the action following an executive session at the conclusion of a public hearing.

About two dozen people attended the hearing, and gave their opinions on the matter, with the pro and cons split about evenly down the middle, House said.

The supervisors must wait 20 days from Aug. 8 before they can close the road to through traffic, but they could do it anytime after that, House said.

All residents of the road will be notified by letter within the 20-day time frame, she added.

“A hammer-head or cul de sac will be at each end of the road, giving access to residents from either end,” House said.

Westgate Road is located just past Cleveland’s Equipment on Route 6, east of Mansfield, and comes out on Canoe Camp Creek Road, near to the intersection with business Route 15, near Wal-Mart and other businesses located south of the borough.

The road has long been a point of contention because of its poor condition, which recently was worsened due to heavy truck traffic on the road, according to township officials.