Mike Rohl

Mike Rohl participates in the running portion of the recent triathlon.


Michael Rohl, Mansfield University’s men’s and women’s head cross country and men’s track and field coach woke up one day a little more than a year ago and decided he was sick and tired of being overweight, and the journey began for him.

He weighed more than 240 pounds and he was miserable.

Mike told me he made a trip to Tom Oswald’s bicycle shop in Mansfield and bought a bicycle. He started riding and lost more than 50 pounds between June and December of 2015.

“I rode 5,000 miles with a group of local riders,” Mike said. “I rode 30-40 miles every day.”

When he started losing the weight, he decided he would like to start running, so he did.

He ran and realized “OK, I think I can swim better now without all this excess weight.”

He liked to run, bike and swim and was doing all three, all of the time, so he decided to attempt a triathlon.

He did more than attempt. 

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