Milhein signs letter of intent

Maddison Milheim and family members gather on Wednesday, April 21 as she signs her letter of intent to continue her swimming career at Susquehanna University.

MANSFIELD — North Penn-Mansfield’s Maddison Milheim committed to continuing her swimming career on April 21 at Susquehanna University for the River Hawks.

“I wanted to go to Susquehanna because when I visited in December of 2019, it just felt like home,” Milheim said. “I loved the community and I loved how they cared about their students, also that it was a small campus and you’re able to live on it for four years.”

One of the biggest draws to continuing to swim at Susquehanna came from talking to other swimmers in the program.

Milheim was drawn to the fact that the coaching staff truly cares about their swimmers and that those who were a part of it enjoyed being there and have helped to increase their love of the sport.

“Everyone was just very thankful that they joined the team,” Milheim said. “They have been able to gain more friends and became like a family.”

Though she has already signed her letter of intent, Milheim plans to continue to prepare for the upcoming season over the summer and getting into the weight room to gain muscle and strength in the pursuit of improvement.

During her time swimming for Mansfield, Milheim was extremely appreciative of the time she spent with teammates and coaches and how they helped her progress as a swimmer over the years.

“I really appreciate my coaches, Paul Kirtz and his daughter Alex Kirtz,” Milheim said. “I will miss them dearly. They have taught me so much about swimming and I’m very excited to continue to the next level soon. I will miss all of the laughs and jamming out to a whole bunch of different songs on those fun Flipper Fridays.”

With her future career at Susquehanna right around the corner, the Mansfield swimmer is excited for all of the new experiences as well as connections she will make as she joins a new group in the pool.

“What I’m looking forward to most is having this group of people really to have become my friends,” Milheim said. “Building this family relationship with these people and getting to know them and going on spring trips and just going through this rough and intense sport that we all can know exactly how each other feels.”

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