Farrer signs letter of intent

Family and coaches of North Penn-Mansfield runner Grace Farrer gather as she signs her letter of intent to run for Susquehana University on Wednesday, April 21.

MANSFIELD — North Penn-Mansfield cross country and track and field standout performer Grace Farrer has decided to continue her running career at the next level and on Wednesday, April 21, and signed her letter of intent to become a Susquehanna River Hawk.

“It was the school my grandfather went to,” Farrer said on how she came to her decision. “I kind of grew up going to that campus, every time we would drive past Susquehanna. After he passed away, I kind of thought more about where I wanted to go to college, and when I visited campus, it just felt like home.”

Though her decision was based on a connection beyond sports to the university, when she finally got the chance to talk to the coaching staff they welcomed her into their fold.

She found not only the family connection to Susquehanna but also the program and coaching staff to be a perfect environment to continue to improve as an athlete.

“I talked to coaches and they were all super inviting,” Farrer said. “They talked about how other people have progressed greatly, and they have a lot of NCAA Championship people who go there and I thought it was pretty cool how people would progress there.”

During her time at North Penn-Mansfield, Farrer was one of the best competitors on her team and her coach, Jason Fletcher, says her drive and competitive nature will aid her immensely during the next step in her athletic journey.

“Grace is one of those athletes that always wants to do more,” Fletcher said. “You almost have to hold her back. She’s a hard worker and somebody who constantly wants to improve.”

With the right attitude and work ethic to be able to continue to improve as a runner and athlete at the next level, her long-time coach is excited for what she will be able to do in the future.

“I’m super excited for what a college coach can do there with her,” Fletcher said. “That’s when you can reach your potential. The big thing is that I hope they’re moderate enough that they don’t injure her because it’s one of those difficult things. You want to move quickly, but then you also want to balance the load.”

Though Farrer has always been a tough and driven competitor, the adversity she has faced throughout the years and helped her to get where she is now.

She never gave up throughout and continued to keep pushing and now will have a chance to continue her running career at the next level.

“She has had to deal with a lot of adversity and went from being a number one runner on the cross country team to like a three or four for a while because she had some health issues,” Fletcher said. “But instead of giving up and saying that it wasn’t for her, she soldiered on and got stronger. She’s just a really good person.”

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