TIOGA — Borough council discussed key issues during the Nov. 4 meeting, including a tree lighting ceremony, new police officers and potentially changing the ordinance on four-wheelers driving in town.

The council approved police chief Zach Mosso’s request to hire two part-time police officers so long as the interview process is successful.

The council approved DJ Warriner’s request for a new flashing caution yellow light unit for the plow truck up to $125. Warriner is currently researching the most cost-effective light unit for the truck.

Warriner also requested approval to weld a flange on the gates for the drying rack in the water treatment facility. There are two gates and the modifications will cost $100 each. Council approved the request.

The topic of the storm water drainage faculties was brought up during the meeting.

D’Esta Hackett relayed a resolution, from Carl Cox, that could be adopted by the borough in support of House Bill 1775 S.P. 101.

The bill proposes to amend the State Highway Law to read:

“(b) The department shall, at the expense of the Commonwealth, construct and maintain all surface and subsurface drainage facilities connected with State highways within boroughs and incorporated towns.”

The council agreed to adopt the resolution in hopes that it would help with the current storm water drainage difficulties the borough has been dealing with.

The Tioga Lights parade is planned for Nov. 23. The council approved a request by the fire department to decorate the pine tree between the borough office and the fire department, for a tree lighting ceremony following the parade.

The council also approved to advertise the 2020 budget.

Research will continue on hometown hero banners and brackets.

Mosso and Bob Wheeler proposed potentially changing traffic ordinances to allow four-wheelers and snowmobiles to travel on roadways. The council will research the proposal further.

During public comment, a resident questioned the council about a condemned house on Second Street. The council informed him the matter is being handled.

The next borough council meeting is 6 p.m., Dec. 2.

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