WESTFIELD — The Westfield Borough Council shared frustrations with scheduled projects that are not completed or even begun in some cases.

Council discussed the projects at the July 28 meeting, noting the clean-ups are set for a house on Mill Street and another on Church Street. Council agreed to place liens on these properties so that borough crews complete the work.

Officials also reviewed other contracted projects and how to get those projects moving. Council members expressed a concern that work will not be completed in a timely manner. Council aspires to get work moving, especially before the colder months arrive.

The board examined expanding the fiber optic cable throughout the community as well as what it will look like to get that work done. The board discussed putting GPS/tracking devices on police cars and agreed that all vehicles should have one, not just a vehicle used by a specific individual.

Residents talked about additional properties that need to be cleaned in the town. The owners are supposed to be cleaning the outside area of their home, but little progress has been observed so far. One property is required to complete work by the end of the week.

One visitor asked council to help fund property clean ups on Main Street.

People asked if there is a way to put a link on the police page that would be easier for people to determine if a sex offender is living in Westfield. One resident claimed that there are many sex offenders living in the area and elected officials should be proactive in keeping children safe.

A resident asked if people can choose to remain anonymous when making a complaint to police rather than being required to give their name, as they now do. The individual said that having a choice may encourage people to report violations and criminal activity.

Residents also asked if the borough could increase pay to the police. They said police are deserving of it and it would help them. A resident wanted trainings to be made available for improving police response to calls involving animals.

Another topic brought for discussion were the fireworks that are being used in town. Council discussed if it was illegal or not and people reported issues with fireworks being used on days other than July 4. People were concerned for their dogs at home getting anxious over the loud sounds.

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